Sign Types

There are different sign types for different applications and spaces. Let’s chat to find the perfect sign type for your business.

Poly Signs

Great for Viewing at Distance

Typically supported by a single or double pole a pylon sign is the right style if your location has multiple lanes of traffic with speeds over 40mph. Pylon signs identify the location of your site and the height can vary from 20’-250’ depending on each site’s unique layout and what audience you are trying to provide visibility to. Typically, the support structure is engineered into a concrete foundation and the signs are internally illuminated. There are a wide variety of ways the faces can be decorated from flat Lexan with vinyl graphics, to routed and backed or even channel letters applied to the faces.

Monument Signs

Low and down at Eye-Level

Monument signs are the smaller cousin of pylon signs. These signs tend to be lower to the ground and create that crucial first impression to your customers. Typically less than 20’ in height, monument signs are tied into the brand and also can highlight/complement architectural features of your business’s building itself. The base of a monument sign can be complementary stone/brick or fabricated metal. Oftentimes, on the top of the main cabinet a decorative topper can be created. Monument signs are usually illuminated and can have a variety of face types. These include flat Lexan with vinyl graphics, routed and backed, routed push-thru and even channel letters on the faces.

Electronic Message Centers

The Future of Signs has Arrived

Electronic message centers are one of the hottest selling segments in the sign industry. With applications from churches to stadiums the impact of what an EMC can do for your business is limitless. Size and resolution are key to a good EMC, have one of our professional account executives walk you through this process. The SBA (Small Business Association) states that adding an EMC will add a minimum of 18% increase in business all the way through 1000%.

Sign Cabinets

Industry Standard

Cabinet Signs can come in a variety of shapes but are best known in the classic rectangular shape. These signs are typically internally illuminated and are built from an extrusion system that allows for a variety of depth. The faces can be Lexan, flex face, routed and backed aluminum or routed push thru acrylic. The flexibility of cabinet signs allows our fabricators to make them into any shape, including complete radius curves. This style is most often found on the exterior storefront but can also serve as interior signage as well. In addition to being wall-mounted, cabinet signs can also be mounted on poles or on a monument sign base.

Channel Letters

Timeless & Appealing

Face lit channel letters are an appealing way to promote your brand on your building or on a monument sign. At night, each individual letter lights up giving the appearance of your name floating on your building. Letters can be flush mounted to the building or on a raceway to allow for easier installation and fewer penetrations into the wall. Our letters are all LED illuminated ensuring a long-lasting display and peace of mind.

Directional Signs

Pointing the Way

Directional signs are your customer’s personal compass to get them in and out of your business. Size and design are important when creating a good directional sign program. It is recommended that directional signs be illuminated. You will often hear the term “Post and Panel” when referring to a directional sign. It is recommended to have a professional sign company come out and review your site and traffic flows to determine the most optimal directional sign program.

Wayfinding Systems

Getting You From A to B

Wayfinding signs move people from different points and also let them know where they currently are. These can be as simple as an interior directory system to as elaborate as an entire downtown City wayfinding program that can designate shopping, restaurant, and historic districts. Oftentimes, a wayfinding system is necessary if a property has more than one building. Our team can consult, design, fabricate and install an entire wayfinding system for your City, University or Business Complex.

Interior and ADA Signs

Providing a Path

A good interior sign system helps your customers, employees, and vendors get where they want to go. Our team is up to date on the latest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and we can help you plan your interior sign program. Let our experienced team guide you on your interior sign program.