Electronic Message Center (EMC)

For community, commercial, retail, stadiums, and theaters there is no better way to communicate your message than adding an electronic message center sign. No other form of advertising offers the same flexibility to connect with your audience as quickly and effectively. Your customers and neighbors look forward to seeing each day’s messages. With an EMC you can broadcast your message, products, and services, advertise events and enhance your brand awareness to thousands of people who pass by your locations every day.

Architectural Systems Division

How will an EMC impact my business?

Adding an EMC to your business or organization will make a difference. The SBA (Small Business of America) did a study that found that the average increase in revenue after adding the proper size full-color EMC was 15% minimum all the way into the thousands percent increase depending on the application. Check out the industry-specific case studies below to see what adding an EMC did for their locations.

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