Sign Lifespan

Like all things, signs have a lifespan. Materials can weaken and change with age but the Hayes Shield Preventative Maintenance Program can help.

How Can I Double the Lifespan of My Sign?

A sign is a big investment. It is also your most cost-effective marketing tool and a symbol of your business or organization. You need to protect that investment. Hayes Shield Preventative Maintenance Program can double your sign’s lifespan. How? Our low-cost sign cleaning program removes debris/dirt on your sign and removes damaging chemicals like salt which can damage your paint finish and deteriorate metal over time. During our PM we will wash and clean your sign, open the sign up to perform an electrical inspection and spray the sign with our proprietary Nanowax to keep your sign looking as good as the day it was installed. We recommend a Preventative Maintenance Program be done a minimum of once a year in the spring. To ensure your sign maintains its new look a bi-annual program is recommended. These low-cost cleaning programs keep your signssings looking great year-round and prevent costly maintenance issues later on.

It’s Your Brand,

It’s Your Investment.

Protect It!

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